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Photographs of the American Southeast (May 2001)

by Tim Darling ((click for email))             (See more photo projects)

I took an 11-day road trip around most of the south east corner of the US (I didn't get to Florida or the Carolinas). I drove 3300 miles.. and here are some pictures for you.
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I've ran through your photos, on your website, and.... congratulations ! I guess it's been a while since you take pictures ! The photos are all very well balanced. Apart from using great equipment, such as Nikon F100 (that fact for itself doesn't necessarily make someone a good photographer), the quality of your photos shows clearly that you are no novice on the job! I wish that I, with my future new camera, F100 too (lets hope!...) can produce such fine quality photographs as the ones you have made. Keep on the excelent work and good luck to you and the ones you love. And last but not least... Thank you for your friendly and experienced advice. Eduardo Rafael. PORTUGAL (Cartaxo city).

-- Eduardo Rafael Neves, Sun, Jun 03 2001
Bravo Photographer, Coming from a old family of Photographers I must say your Great Smoky Mountains pictures were Absolutely Awesome. I'd love to see more than what I've found here.... Thank you for the lovely visuals of that part of the country. Sandy Revels Agee aka

-- Sandy Agee, August 15, 2002
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