Photography / Travel

Photographs of Chile 
(November 2003)

by Tim Darling             (See more photo projects)

These are the photographs and travel journal of a two and a half week trip I spent in Northern Chile in the Southern Hemisphere's spring of 2003.
Photography notes:
None of the photos here were altered in Photoshop. I only used some small brightness/contrast options to make the scans look as close to the slides (and my memory) as possible. I also did some slight color balance to counter the slight green and blue casts that film has.

In the desert at high altitudes, the sky is very dark. I often used a wide angle lens with a polarizing filter which increased the effect of darkening the skies and punched out some of the colors. Also almost all the landscape shots are on Velvia. Any shots with people and most of the city shots were taken on Provia 100F. The nighttime shots and a few of the telescope photos were on Kodak 1600 pushed 2.5 stops. (This accounts for the high contrast in those photos, such as the one of the dome that looks almost black and white.)

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