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Photographs of The Worry Stones, 2003-2004
by Tim Darling ((click for email))             (See more photo projects)

The Worry Stones are DC-area band who I've gotten to know since 2001. I took some photos of them when they played at the 9:30 club in January 2003 and a couple of other times since. I've learned a lot from photographing them because a low-light room with colored spotlights plays havoc on film in ways you're unlikely to encounter elsewhere. But there's a definite sense of atmosphere: the kids in the audience jumping around, the band always moving, and of course the music which, if everything works, the photos almost force you to hear. And with these lighting conditions, the film gets pushed to its breaking point like a cranked tube amp and the mystery of the smoky shadows and thick grain begin to appear.

The 9:30 Club photographs / Band's site

Promo photos (August, 2003)

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The State Theater (Fall's Church, VA), September 24, 2003:


The State Theater (Fall's Church, VA), June 13, 2003:




The Lion's Den (Greenwich Village, New York), April 12, 2003:   (A few more from NYC)




The Iota Club and Cafe (Arlington, VA), April 4, 2003:




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Damn good photos man! Now, if we could just find a photographer like you that isn't in our band...

-- Mark, July 11, 2003
You know Tim, I have always tried to pride myself on not being a "band chick" since I met Tim before I ever understood how much the music meant. But I must say, based on your pictures alone, if I didn't already know these guys, I'd be in a hurry to have their names tattooed on my ass. Your work, like the band's, never ceases to impress me.

-- Kristie, July 17, 2003
Hi Guys I have seen you at all of these shows and think you just get better and better !!!! Can't wait to see you all at The Last Mango in Gaithersburg on the 19th of September.. Happy Birthday big sis Linda.

-- Cathy, Sep 14, 2003
Hey Guys just saw ya'll on friday excellent i enjoyed myself and cant wait to see ya'll agian

-- Felicia , Jan 19, 2004
I saw the Worrystones at Clydes in Chevy Chase back around 2002\2003. They were great. I bought one of their CD's (Nova Custom) and play it to this day.

-- Chris, Jan 20, 2010
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