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Photographs of Sister Hazel at the 9:30 Club   Washington, DC (8/8/2003)
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Awesome pics! I was there and know practically the entire front row... :-)

-- diane, Jan 1, 2004
These are wonderful pictures. I was with Diane that night and its so great to have some of the moments captured. Thanks!

-- Kara, Jan 1, 2004
"Reeeaaaarrrr" Nice pics! Thanks for sharing! Wen

-- wendy, Jan 1, 2004
wow, great pics!!!! You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing!

-- annie, Jan 2, 2004
These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

-- Lindsey, Jan 5, 2004
HA! Great pics! I'm quite partial to the lei's myself... ;o) Hugs, Lis

-- Lei~Ole' (Lisa), Jan 6, 2004
Awesome photos of all the guys...particularly love the ones of Jeff...very cool!

-- Catherine, Jan 6, 2004
AWESOME PICTURES! Those are some of the best shots I have ever seen...Thanks for sharing! ~Kaylene~

-- Kaylene, Jan 6, 2004
Lots of trouble getting great Sister Hazel pictures, but these are EXCELLENT. Thanks!!

-- jan, Feb 14, 2004
these are great pictures...especially of ken!

-- kari, Feb 25, 2004
Tim, This is the first time I've checked out your site. These are awesome!! You Rock!

-- George (your old drummer), Jan 10, 2005
WOWWW!! Very nice pics!!! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!! Kisses from a very far place called B R A S I L! SISTER HAZEL... THE BEST BAND EVER!!!

-- Larissa, Apr 27, 2005
these are the best pics I've seen of SH!

-- Ker, May 25, 2005
I'm only 13 and went to their first concert when I was 8. Huge fan of theirs. Great pics and thanks for spreading the word of Sister Hazel.

-- Katie, Jan 10, 2006
Extremely impressed by photos! Nicely done...If you have not been to the Rock Slope...GO!!

-- Kat, June 19, 2006
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