Photography / Travel

Photographs of Europe (May-June 2002)

by Tim Darling             (See more photo projects)

These are the photographs and travel journal of a month I spent riding the rails around Europe in the spring of 2002.

My travels took me through the colorful lands and cities of France, Spain, Tangier, Italy, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, and Sweden. Along the way, I met all kinds of interesting people on the trains, in the hostels and pensions, and sometimes just in the street as I wandered around with my camera.

So flip through the photographs and (if you like) read about how I met a girl on my first day in Paris and caught up with her again 4 weeks later in Sweden and in between was threatened by a crowd of angry Moroccans in Tangier and set my facial hair on fire in Prague..


Spain /

France / Monaco

Czech Republic
Denmark /

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