Photo of the 193 Squadron (RAF) (1944)

collected by Tim Darling (click for email)

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193 Squadron after D-Day in 1944 (Fairwood Common, Wales). (Larger copy).
Photo courtesy of Mike McBride; annotation courtesy Chris Woodcock

On wings, from left to right: Rob Pratt, Ned Statters, Bill Hurst, Mick Bulleid, Felix Cryderman (Can), "Sac" Bilz (Can), David Ince, Jimmy Fishwick (k. May 25, 1945), "Gus" Gough. Standing: APC, "Butch" Freakley (Can) (k. Dec 24, 1944), Ian Ross, Colin "Gilly" Campbell Gilmour (Aus), Roy Heath (US), E/O "Spanner" Reynolds, Adj McBride, "Bunny" Austin, Ben Lenson, Pete Langille (Can), Bob Cooper, "Hap" Pratt (k. Oct 12, 1944). Seated: "Abe" Smith (k. Jan 1, 1945), Jim Darling, J Robson, Squadron Leader Guy Plamondon (Can), Station Commander APC, Jimmy Simpson, John Deall (Rhod), "Boots" Brown (Can), APC. [APC = personnel from Fairwood Common camp]
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