The Edge's Delay Settings > Zooropa (95 bpm)

Here's the sample clip I studied for this song (it's slowed down 8x maintaining the same pitch.)

Figure 1: Waveform of the sample clip

  • This is the most likely signal path (same signal path configuration as Streets):
       Guitar ->  Signal split A/B:
                  A -> Amp #1    (this is for the initial attack - dry signal only, no long delay)
                  B -> 320ms (1 repeat only)  ==  2/16 @ 95 bpm
                      with little or no modulation
                        [ 100% delay, 0% input signal ]
                    -> 160ms (6-7 repeats)  == 1/16 @ 95 bpm   -> Amp #2
                           with heavy modulation

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wow one of my favorites songs!!! really a piece of art after the first tw minuttes. what a great job you did with this site. for zooropaI gguess I get the sound better, and also can hear the two delay quitte clear at 1x speed (of course, only after reading this :)more thhan I could do in the 8x slowr clip

-- lucio, Apr 5, 2012
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