The Edge's Delay Settings > I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (101 bpm)
Here's an mp3 of me playing the main riff from the song,
with no delay and, later, with delay.
(I turned the delay on a few seconds into the recording).

I used a Fender Telecaster (middle pickup) into a $100
Line 6 Toneport on my PC with the setup on the right, although
using the '57 on-axis' microphone setting.

I had to use a Korg SDD-3000 for the delay because
the Toneport delay options don't (yet) include a digital
delay with modulation.

Note: The song is played Capo 4 with this main chord:
  AM7   Then D E A for the chorus
Here's the sample clip I studied for this song (it's slowed down 8x maintaining the same pitch and matches the waveform in Figure 1)

Figure 1: Waveform of the sample clip

  • There's 3 delays. This is the most likely signal path:
       Guitar -> Signal split to A/B:
         A -> 150ms (6-7 repeats)  ==  1/16 @ 101 bpm
                  (with modulation, about 70% of the inital signal) -> amp #1 -> panned right mostly
         B -> 450ms (1-2 repeats)  == 3/16 @ 101 bpm 
                  (with modulation, about 50% of the inital signal) -> amp #2 -> panned left mostly

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that helped me out heaps. do you think you can put a tab up for it? cant find any good tabs around the net thanks shaun

-- shaun, Dec 19, 2006
Thank you, man. A really complete information. I think that that you put in here is enough. hnk you aaiiinn...

-- RAMON, Jun 2, 2011
What is the third delay? Thanx -mark

-- Mark, Aug 28, 2011
The site creator--invaluable analysis, so thank you--can confirm, butreading thee intro I believe the third delay arises from the fac that The EEdge runs two separate delays through AC30s a few fee apart fromm each other: "Ther' cleaarlly a short delay (~5ms) from mic bleeds (see main pae)).

-- Jim, Feb 20, 2012
Super helpful tutorial, thanks a lot 👍

-- Pete, June 6, 2024
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