The Edge's Delay Settings > All I Want Is You (94 bpm)

Here's the sample clip I studied for this song (it's slowed down 4x maintaining the same pitch and matches the waveform in Figure 1)

Figure 1: Waveform of the sample clip

  • There's 1 delay and it's panned right. This is the most likely signal path:
       Guitar -> Signal split to A/B:
         A -> amp #1  (panned left)
         B -> 425ms (1 repeat)  -> amp #2   (panned right)

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thank you for all this detail,you have hel;ped me somuch,even in finding the exact effect bono uses on his voice,i dont know if you know by chance anyone that has a backing track of origion of species do you?that would be so great,im looking for backing tracks to practice my guitar and vocals,i am a 1 man u2 cover you see hehe respect mark

-- mark, March 19, 2007
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