Photo of Killy and Pete Langille of the 193 Squadron (1944)

collected by Tim Darling (click for email)

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Killy Kilpatrick, Pete Langille, and Jimmy Simpson at Banville, near Ste Croix Sur Mer, 1944.

The hole in the church tower was caused by an artillery shell aimed at taking out the snipers who were operating there. Killy borrowed the Jeep and took some pals for a ride, but they were very nervous about getting too close to the enemy! On the back of the photo, it is labelled "Killy, Pete, Jimmy". Langille was KIA (25 November 1944 when his aircraft was hit by flak; the aircraft he was flying was MN912 DP-J, probably the same DP-J my grandfather often flew) and Simpson died in South Africa in 2006. Last names courtesy Chris Thomas, author of 'Typhoon and Tempest Story' and '2ndTAF' Vols 1, 2, and 3.

(Larger copy). Photo and annotation courtesy Tony Knight.
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