Section 9: Final Thoughts

from How to get into a Top-15 MBA Program by Tim Darling

There is no step-by-step approach to which will guarantee you admission. Remember that thousands of very solid candidates apply every year- if you don't get in, don't take it to heart! No one who applies to a few schools gets in everywhere. I worked in a graduate admissions office for many years and I can assure you that there's always an element of chance. Many not-so-good candidates sell themselves very well and get in; many very good candidates don't sell themselves well and don't get in. The best thing you can do is make sure your application is 110%.

I've also been on a few hiring committees reviewing résumés. When I've got a stack of 100 résumés to boil down to 3-4 interviews, I look for anything to immediately disqualify an applicant. A spelling mistake? You're out. I don't think I've ever seen a résumé that made me stop for a second and think "Wow - this person went out of their way to make my life easier -- this résumé looks good, it has the basic information I need." If I did, I'd interview them right away. This is what you should be shooting for: presentation counts. Sell yourself! Make sure they can find no reason to turn you away...

I'd also suggest not spending time on the Business Week (or similar) bulletin boards. And don't spend anytime worrying or second-guessing yourself. If you haven't submitted your application yet, your time would be better spent working on your essays. If you have submitted them, then forget about it. Take up a new hobby to fill the countless hours you had previously spent working on them. After all, if you're waitlisted and need to send a letter in saying what you've accomplished since you submitted your application, mentioning chatrooms probably won't be your best bet.

After you're accepted, you will have to pay a down payment to secure your place. For U.S. students admitted by U.S. schools, this is typically $1000-$1500 (in 2006 money) and can be paid by a credit card. This will be credited to your student account when you arrive. About $100-$200 of it will also likely be used to cover the costs of verifying your basic education and employment credentials as you expressed them on your application (degrees granted, criminal records, and salary). Kroll is one such company that does this.

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Thanks so much for posting this, it is really helping me, I am using it as my main resource.

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